March 28-29, 2014

San Diego, CA

Tree Walkers International (TWI) is proud to present MICROCOSM, the largest amphibian conservation event in the country.

MICROCOSM is a celebration of the beauty and uniqueness of ecosystems through the keeping of naturalistic vivariums and aquariums.

This is not your standard hobby show: MICROCOSM brings together enthusiasts from a wide variety of interests under one roof in order to promote overlap and 'cross pollination' between them...an overlap that, for many of us, already naturally occurs. We seek to promote a culture where people practice more sustainable hobbies as well as remain connected with the wild ecosystems and environments from which these organisms come. In this way, the glass boxes we tend become portals to the greater world around us and provide a glimpse into these wondrous environments, from Ecuadorian cloud forests to coral reefs off the coast of West Papua and the countless biomes between them.

We invite you to join us: to be curious, to explore and to more fully appreciate this vast world on which we live through the creation and care of naturalistic microcosms.

The two-day event includes field trips, guest speakers, workshops, a vendor sale and live auction, all of which serve to raise funds for amphibian conservation through the programs and initiatives of Tree Walkers International (TWI). For more information about TWI, visit TreeWalkers.org.

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